Hellner is engaged in the professional and personal development of its collaborators:
– Well-trained professional quality produce quality
– Friendly working environment brings satisfaction

The quality of our benefits provided ensure the welfare of
employees: Health Insurance, Dental Plan, Pension Plan and Life Insurance.

The Human Resources policy is based on some principles:

  • To provide a healthy working environment resulting in better quality of life for employees;
  • To promote and leverage internal talents in the processes of recruitment and selection;
  • Having benefit policies that provide security to staff;
  • Contributing to civility education and training young professionals, recruiting them from our Minor Apprentice Program;
  • Train and develop employees through technical training.

These factors are reflected in the long stay of collaborators at Hellner, some with decades of team working.

If you identify with this philosophy, come to work at Hellner.
Send your resume to the e-mail: rh@hellner.com.br